JUGAAD Project

Promoting STEM approach and digital competences

JUGAAD is a dynamic project focused on upskilling teachers and supporting students in integrating a STEM approach into their educational journey. Our mission is to prepare the future generation with essential STEM skills and digital competences, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Our Approach

Our STEM approach emphasizes interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning, experiential education, and problem-solving. We believe in equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Join us in our mission to promote the STEM education, cultivate digital skills, and bridge the skills and gender gap in STEM education. Let's inspire a new generation of innovators, problem solvers, and critical thinkers!

Target Groups


By participating in the JUGAAD project, educators/teachers will have the opportunity to: - Enhance teaching methodologies and techniques, emphasizing STEM in education - Receive concrete tools and resources that they can incorporate into their regular activities - Enhance student engagement - Assess and monitor students' progress effectively through assessment tools - Collaborate and network with other professionals in the field fostering a community of STEM education and enthusiasts.


By participating in the JUGAAD project, students will have the opportunity to: - Gain essential digital skills - Foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills - Access tailored toolkits designed to boost their STEM curricular skills - Bridge the gender gap in STEM education, ensuring equal opportunities - Gain STEM skills and competencies, addressing the STEM skills gap head-on.

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